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  • * 轉賬至滙豐銀行戶口,請使用ATM/現金存款機過數,其他銀行如使用櫃檯轉賬會被收取相關的銀行手續費

  • 入數前請注意以下事項:
    1. 已入數並提交入數証明或已成功完成網上支付並收到本店發出已收妥付款的電郵後,該訂單才被視為已確認。
    2. 請在入數前再次確認貨品及其數量,落單後將不可更改。
    3. 如客人在本店發出「提貨通知」訊息起一個月內仍未取回所訂貨品,將被視為自動放棄貨品,本店將不會另作通知。
    4. 貨品出門,恕不退換。
    5. 所有訂單須於48小時內完成轉帳,逾時訂單將自動取消。

  • 退換條款:
    1.  本公司會盡力確保所有貨品皆能獲得供應,但不能百分百保證。如果我們因任何理由無法處理或完成您的訂單,我們將退還您之前對於該項商品的任何付款,並無須提供補償。
  • 2,  在本網站選購貨品後,即表示閣下經已閱讀、了解並同意遵守本店之條款與細則並已仔細考慮其風險。
  • 3.  落單後請於48小時內完成付款, 否則會視為取消訂單。在已入數並提交入數証明並收到本店發出已收妥付款的電郵後,該訂單才被視為已確認。
  • 4.  由於預訂是根據客人要求訂貨,所有預訂貨品不設退換,訂單一經提交將不得作出任何修改。
    5.  如訂單因天氣、假期、海關、速遞派送等問題影響運送時間,訂單不會就不可控制因素而取消或退款。
    6.  訂單內的每件貨品均視作獨立計算。如訂單內部分貨品訂購失敗,本店會退還未能成功訂購貨品的款項,而客人亦須全數支付其餘成功訂購貨品的款項。
    7.  客人務必於取貨時仔細檢查清楚貨品,貨品出門, 恕不退換。
    8.  如客人在本店發出「提貨通知」訊息起一個月內仍未取回所訂貨品,將被視為自動放棄貨品,本店將不會另作通知。
  • 若產品未能送到顧客指定之地址並退回本公司,本公司只會退回經扣除運送費及其他相關行政費用後之產品價格。
    本公司保留權利修改本條款及條件。如有任何爭議,Charming Products保留最終決定權

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  • *Please provide us with the deposit slip and the order reference no. via Whatsapp or email within 48 hours. After payment verification, we will send the order receipt.

  • Please note the following before making payment:

    1. Orders would be confirmed once payment has been made and confirmation email has been sent.
    2. Please confirm your selection before payment, amendments could not be made after order is received.
    3. If customer does not retrieve the ordered products within 1 month upon receipt of delivery arrival notice, the order would be considered invalid, would not make any further notice.
    4. We do not offer refund.
    5. Payment should be made within 48 hours after submitting the order. Order would be cancelled automatically if payment is not received.

  • TERMS and Conditions

    1. We would try to ensure sufficient supply for every product but this is not guaranteed. In case we cannot proceed your order, full refund will be arranged. There will not be any compensation.
    2. By placing orders on our website, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of use of this website and have considered the underlying risk.
    3. If we fail to receive your payment within 48 orders, your order placed would be cancelled automatically.
    4. As orders are placed according to clients’ requests, we would not offer exchange once your order is submitted.
    5. If your delivery is delayed due to uncontrollable factors such as the weather, holiday, customs or courier, order could not be cancelled or refunded.
    6. Each item in the order is considered to be independent. If some items fail to be provided, the store would refund the amount that have not been successfully ordered, and the customers must pay the remaining amount.
    7. Clients should examine thoroughly upon receiving the product, we do not offer exchange.
    8. If customer does not retrieve the ordered products within 1 month upon receipt of delivery arrival notice, the order would be considered invalid. We would not make any further notice.

  • Undeliverable Orders:

  • For undeliverable packages, we issue a refund by deducting the original shipping fee, handling fee and any other relevant fee.
  • We would not offer reshipping of orders returned to us. Our company reserves the final right to modify the terms and conditions.

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